Lubrication, rust prevention and reducing heat caused by friction in the moving parts of your eninge are all important tasks performed by your engine oil.

Once it was recommended that you should check your oil each time you fill up your petrol – this is no longer the rule - but in modern vehicles the oil level and its condition should still be checked every four to five weeks as part of a proper maintenance schedule.

Checking the oil your self is easy :

You should let your car cool down for about an hour after drivingto allow the oil to settle and get a good idea of the real level. Find the oil dipstick for your car(you can check your owner's manual to find it) Pull the oil dipstick out – take no notice of the level at this point because it has probably slopped about a bit and won't show you the actual level in your tank. First wipe the dipstick down, and then replace it back where you took it from. This time when you pull it out you will see the actual oil level.

Now check the level of the oil:

You should noticemarkings on the dip stick which show the appropriate level of oil. If it's too low you need more oil added. If your oil is often low and needs toppingthis could be an indication of problemswhich should be addressed by your mechanic and it's advisable to talk to us about this.

Check the colour of your oil:

Clean oil is a clear golden colour – dirty, black or brown oil could be a sign that your oil needs changing. Milky or foamy oil can be a sign of serious problems definitely speak with your car service expert at Jackmans Garage if you see this.

Jackmans Garage change the oil as part of every full car service and we always follow the recommended service schedule from the vehicles manufacturer.

We always use quality oils, chosen to best suit your vehicle. If you have a specific oil request, we are always happy to discuss your options - please talk to us when you book in your vehicle.

We can perform log book service and more on a wide range of makes and models right here in Moonah - simply call us today and tell us about your car and your last service and we can give you a quote today.

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Worried about your new car warranty ?

You shouldn't be. You do have the right to shop around for your log book service without worrying about losing your right to a statutory warranty. You don't have to travel across town to get to a dealership or pay inflated prices. Find out more about your rights on our New Car Service page.

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