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Undercar Repairs

Undercar covers exhaust, brakes, steering and suspension.

All of these items should be inspected at every service and any problems rectified on the spot. However, these are the items that will let you know if anything is unhealthy with the vehicle. Usually you should be alerted by strange noises - rattles, clangs, squeals or loud exhaust. Sometimes you will know there is an issue if you notice brake pulsation, steering vibration or tyres squealing on cornering. Any such signs need reporting to Jackmans Garage ASAP.  

New Rear Mufflers & Tips

New Rear Mufflers & Tips

You will generally be alerted to the fact that there is a problem under the car or that you may need attention or a service in this area due to unusual loud exhaust noises or rust at the tips. Perhaps you would just like a change in the exhaust note.

Undercar work is a specialist trade. Jackmans Garage have a dedicated and experienced Technician who focuses just on this area.

Jackmans Garage wish you Safe Motoring...

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